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Individual and Group Coaching

On-line or F2F Coaching


I help individuals to overcome their challenges, develop their competencies and find their way forward.

Support can focus on personal or professional difficulties, a desire for change, a career move or change, identity questions, your place in a given system, etc.

As diversity is one of my values I approach identity and gender question with openness and care.

For groups or teams I look at how we can better function together, how to develop, how to communicate for efficiently and to collaborate. Group coaching is an approach where people share their challenges and help each other to overcome them

Group coaching
Board coaching

Counseling and support to boards and teams

I help teams function better together, communicate openly, identify their company vision, mission and values and define their human development opportunities.

I work alone or with other consultants. We helps teams through listening, counseling and coaching. Work happens in the here and now and is focused on finding your solutions and behaviours to foster autonomy.

Le groupe d'étude s'amuse


I run training sessions related to human dynamics: this includes emotional intelligence, leadership, communication, feedback etc.


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Leadership training
Luc Walrave P17

Luc Walrave

Competencies and Values

During my corporate years working as a leader in Food and Pharma companies I acquired different skills such as leadership, individual and group coaching, listening, moving into action and trusting my intuition.

My values are transparency, openness, equilibrium in relationship, autonomy, transmission, diversity and confidentiality.

I have trained in Transactional Analysis, coaching, active listening (Rogers),  systemic constellation for organization and companies. I am also a Hoffman Process facilitor.

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